Celebrating the world wide web turning 30

Celebrating the world wide web turning 30

As the world celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the world wide web, the progress made in this time in the tech arena is phenomenal.

Tim Berners-Lee saw the world wide web as a means for scientists to communicate; never could he (or anyone else) imagine, what it is, and has become today. From towering blocks of tech taking up floors and floors of office space, to tiny hand-held devices that you can pop in your pocket – or wear.

There are still so many amazing things that the web will achieve in our lifetime, and beyond, that Tim Berners-Lee’s vision will continue to be played out in an almost unbelievable way.

But I do share his caution as to all that the great world wide web has become. A conduit for online bullying and abuse, fraud and crime. It requires passwords (that none of us remember) only for hackers to break in. It allows freedom of speech with selfies but opens up bullying. It allows data at your fingertips but prevents us from asking questions to one another.

However, don’t take it away. Let’s spend 30 days reviewing our internet lives, maybe even take a digital detox. But most of all let’s not forget the magic we have in our hands and keep the future of the world wide web as positive as possible.

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